Constant Evolution

After some deliberation I've decided to begin blogging. Wow, that sounds boring as hell. I'll keep it brief since I'm much more of a visual person & I'll assume you are too. This blog will be more of a vlog, but (hopefully) won't be as cheesy as most in that it's not just me running around with a handycam filming my daily activities. 

It will be constantly evolving with any films that I haven't had the chance to post on the main page. I'll include the context for each film and a bit of tech-specs, if anyone is interested. 


Over the last few years I've had the pleasure to work with TBA Pro on multiple occasions, shooting event recaps all over Michigan for their various Womp Romps. It's always a good time to kick it with the crew and watch everyone let loose for a night.

Check out our most recent recap below featuring the funky beast: Filibusta.